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Gerard Jorna

For all my working life I have had an association with the residential construction industry although for a significant time I was not directly involved in it but should of.

I build my first house in the 1980’s and was involved right from the initial stages of design, applying for a building consent and all aspects of construction. I worked along a builder from the set out, foundation, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, insulating, lining, plastering, installing trim, and then painting. I did not realise at the time but should have always done this as a job.

I worked for a blue chip corporate international in the 2000’s as the NZ manager for their finance division. The role involved wholesale finance and asset lending throughout its dealer network in NZ.

I also trained as broker with a NZ owned company that provided lending for residential properties.

More than ten years ago, I joined a property mentoring and tutoring cooperative. This involved purchasing property and then completely renovating them. At times I had up to five projects running at any one time. The renovations involved, painting these properties inside and outside, constructing fences (if required), landscaping, upgrading wiring which usually included a new HWC, new kitchens, tiling, completely renovating new bathrooms, installing new carpet and vinyl, repairing new flooring, new roofing.

I took a particular interest in the new unitary plan before it became operative. My business partner at the time would run seminars identifying opportunities for homeowners and investors. We saw an opportunity to construct minor dwellings.

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